Feature Friday: Heirloom Albums

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Feature Friday: Heirloom Albums

Today’s Feature Friday is: Albums, Albums, Albums!

Heirloom Albums to be specific.

Our heirloom quality album is definitely a product you and your family will rave about and proudly display.¬†In fact, it’s such a big hit with me and my family, that it’s always at the top of my recommendations!

You and your loved ones are so special and unique, and the heirloom album is seriously one of the best ways to show that.

An album is definitely one of those products you have to¬†see,¬†touch, and¬†feel.¬†We call them heirloom albums because they have the potential to literally last a¬†lifetime.¬†Don’t believe me? Read on.

Heirloom Quality

The heirloom album has a standard archival value of 100 years on home display. However, if you store your album in a cool, dry place in dark room storage, it has an archival value of at least 200 years. 

Personalized options

You have the option to cover your album in beautiful, genuine Italian full grain leather or linen made of classic textile blend.¬†The leather covers on the heirloom album are moisture resistant leathers that age beautifully with a rich patina, and come in various, classic colors. Some of your color options are: black, navy blue,¬†walnut brown, and ash gray.¬†Either way, we’ll make sure the cover and images both have a cohesive look.

In addition, you can choose between three paper textures. Boast a vibrant and glossy texture with fujifilm or our signature paper. On the other hand, you can opt for a soft, classic felt texture with rich color. All of your pages will feature pure white and sharp quality. Your album will be the perfect way to not only tell and share your story but also display it.

Storybook Pages

Your pages will be acid free, elemental chlorine free, and made of 30% recycled content depending on the texture you choose. We hate those flimsy, thin pages. Finally, your album will feature thick pages to give you extra assurance and stability.


How to care for your album? 

You should store all albums in a temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled environment to keep them looking their best.

To remove fingerprints, use a soft cloth making sure to avoid solvents or water which could cause damage.

Carefully apply a simple leather conditioner to your genuine leather album cover, to remove any scratches or scuffs that occur.In closing, the weight, leather, beautiful prints,¬†custom design, and debasing of this album make it the perfect luxury item to display your family’s most precious memories.¬†

Alrighty guys, this concludes our Feature Friday: Heirloom Albums post! 

What do you think of this timeless album? Feel free to leave me a comment below. 

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5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer in Closing

Okay Lovebirds, that completes our post on the “5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer”. In brief, you should ask your photographer

  1. to describe their style,
  2. if your images will be edited,
  3. collection or package information and what’s included
  4. about their shot list to check their preparation and/or experience
  5. for their turnaround time on image delivery.

Furthermore, CONGRATS on your engagement! Naturally, as a traveling Houston-based and destination wedding photographer, I pride myself on providing you with valuable information. I’d love to help you out and capture your wedding or elopement. You can get in touch with me by completing the contact form here.¬†

Did you like this advice on 5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer? If so, leave us a comment below. Would you add any additional questions?¬†I hope these questions help you in your search for finding and confirming the perfect wedding photographer for you.¬†We’d love to hear your feedback.¬†

Finally, if you have any questions, send us an email or leave a comment here. Most importantly, please remember that I’m here to help!

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