Meet the Photographer

Niesha (noun \ny-ee-shuh/)

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southern. tech geek. and everything in between. 

Hi there! I’m Niesha (ny-ee-shuh), a wife and mother to both an angel and rainbow baby. I’m a country girl who’s now living in a big city with a passion for technology, teaching and helping others, freezing the nick of time, and spreading stillbirth and depression awareness. I am an overachiever, full-time learner, problem solver, data miner, analytic thinker, and free spirit who enjoys laughing uncontrollably.  Barbecue and Tex-mex are my guilty pleasures, and I'll eat almost anything with chicken in it except for salads..salads are definitely not my thing.

The why behind the business

A few years ago, I gave birth to a stillborn baby boy named Carmelo “Melo”. With time, the memories began to fade away, and I could no longer smell his blankets or use my memory to remember the small details of his profile that made him so unique.

And that’s when photography happened. I had prints. Visual representations to help me remember his sweet little face, first kicks, the morning sickness and everything in between. It was during those moments, where I fought to keep his memory alive, that I realized just how important the artifacts of memories truly are. 

Now, I work hard each day to celebrate his memory and legacy through photography. I took one of the biggest leaps of my life, and put every ounce of love for my son into starting a photography business in his memory.  It is my savior in the midst of the storm, and I find comfort and peace in knowing that I’m a stakeholder in an industry that preserves life’s greatest paramounts of visual images —memories. Will you celebrate with me? 

A business built on love and courage.
— Niesha | Artist & Photographer