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Meet Pedro and Niesha

southern, tech geeks, and everything in between 

melo and me photography

Hi there! We’re Pedro and Niesha, a husband and wife photography team, specializing in portraits centered around you. We’re high school sweethearts who met in our small hometown of Jasper, Texas, but now now live in the North Houston, Texas area.

We bond on sharing passions for technology, professional basketball, stillbirth awareness, family time, and of course —photography.

The why behind the business

A few years ago, we had a stillborn baby boy named Carmelo “Melo”. With time, the memories began to fade away, and we could no longer smell his blankets or use our memories to remember the small details of his profile that made him so unique.

And that’s when photography happened. We had prints. Visual representations to help us remember his sweet little face, first kicks, the morning sickness and everything in between. It was during those moments, where we fought to keep his memory alive, that we realized just how important the artifacts of memories truly are. 

Now, we work hard each day to celebrate his memory and legacy through photography.  Melo and Me Photograpy serves as a long-lasting tribute to him, as we work as creative entrepreneurs to preserves life’s greatest paramounts of visual images —memories. Will you celebrate with us? 

A business built on love and courage.