So, this is me. No makeup. No hairstylist. Just me and 2/3 of my babies. Au naturale. *I’m pregnant with my third.

THIS post is for the mom who wakes up with messy hair, forgets it’s Super Hero Day at school this week, shows up late to school or work sometimes (well most of the time), is behind on laundry, but ALWAYS finds a way to make time for her children. The mom who is overworked and hardly works out, feeds her child fast food when she’s too tired to cook, and kisses every bo-bo she can. THIS post is for moms like me. 

I know parenting is overwhelming. It’s sometimes hard finding the balance between loving, spoiling, and disciplining our little ones when need be. Oh, but it is SO WORTH IT! Every. Single. Minute. From the early mornings to the long nights, we wouldn’t trade a thing if it meant not having the ones who matter the most to us.

This season Melo and Me is giving moms a little of both worlds. Portraits for the mother who never makes time for herself AND the ones she gives all of her time and love away to <3. 

Not a mom? That’s okay! These bite-sized sessions are the perfect mashup of a guilt-free Mother’s Day gift and a Spring session for her kiddos.

When: April 13-14, 2019 
Where: In-home studio in Valley Ranch (Porter) 
Time: 10am-2pm 
What’s included: Up to 20 minutes + 3 digital images + option to purchase full gallery and products
Great for: Moms who desire alone time. Then cry when they get it lol. 
Price: $200
Click here to book!

*Extra tidbit: The set and my tiny studio can photograph up to 3 people. This can be mom and 2 littles any age posed tightly, or 1-3 littles (ages 2 and up) . Send me an email at [email protected] to see if we can squeeze you and a tiny one in.

Available for booking on a first-come, first-served basis at . Limited spaces available.

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